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A New Face for Muskogee Fútbol – Presented by MedFusion

Valente Espinosa is an underclassman who is making an impact now for the boys’ soccer team. We tracked down Espinosa to ask him about playing for Muskogee and what he enjoys most about this team.

VYPE: Valente, what do you love most about this team and your teammates? 

Espinosa: What I love most about my team and teammates is the sportsmanship and the dedication we all have together as a team, a group, and even a family. I love how we all push each other to become the best and to become better as a team.

VYPE: Do you have a favorite subject in school or a favorite teacher? 

Espinosa: My favorite subject in school is most likely English and my favorite teacher is also the English teacher, Mrs. Cash. It is very fun in her class, and I love the activities we do.

VYPE: Who has been a big influence on you, in or out of athletics? 

Espinosa: A big influence in my life has to be my dad. He has always been there for me when I needed him most. He was the one who showed me the game of Fútbol, and he always paid for my soccer fees, and he showed me much more things I needed to learn to become a better person and a better soccer player. 

The season gets underway soon and the Roughers are looking forward to a good year under head coach Diego Zavala. 

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