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Incoming Freshman Alert! – Presented by FitHappens Fitness Studio

Muskogee’s Mia Gonzales is expected to turn some heads this season. 

Muskogee girls’ soccer coach Oscar Flores is excited for the upcoming season. 

“We have a strong core coming back from previous years who will be important for our shape going forward,” said Flores. 

As Gonzales enters the mix, coach Flores has an opportunity to be a little flexible with the lineup and make some adjustments early in games. 

“Mia Gonzales is an incoming freshman who has proven herself through training to be a tough, solid fundamental player. Excited to see her work this year,” said Flores. 

We wanted to learn more about the freshman and what she loves about playing for the Lady Roughers. 

VYPE: Mia, how long have you played soccer? 

Gonzales: I’ve been playing soccer since I was four years old.

VYPE: What does your team and teammates mean to you? 

Gonzales: My teammates mean so much to me. They are the ones I’m going to share the season with and go through good and bad. We have all grown together and will continue to. So having teammates to me means having people you can trust who will be by your side.

VYPE: What’s special about being a student-athlete at Muskogee High School? 

Gonzales: What I love most about being a student-athlete at my school would probably be the people I’m surrounded by. We all continue to push each other to be our best, so having a support system like that makes it super enjoyable. The coaches would also have to be another reason I enjoy being an athlete at my school. They’re super supportive and are genuinely good people, so being around them makes it fun.

VYPE: What do you enjoy doing with your free time? 

Gonzales: I enjoy listening to music, skateboarding, and hanging out with my family in my free time. I also really enjoy spending time with my cat and dog.

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