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Muskogee’s Wagner Czaruk – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Monica Medley – Century 21

It’s not when or how you start but it’s all about how you finish that matters most. And Wagner Czaruk, a freshman tennis player at Muskogee High School, is working hard to make the most of his opportunities.

“This is my first high school season playing tennis and I have made some accomplishments but hope to make more in the future.”

Determination and hustle are terms already being used to describe Wagner’s efforts on the tennis courts where his understanding that the point it’s never over ‘til its over are ever present.

“My strengths are ground strokes at the base line, and I’ve improved on my set-up shots,” he said with a note of confidence. “My favorite drill is practicing at the net.”

From riding his bike to the tennis courts for extra practice time before school, it’s easy to see Wagner’s development when checking the outcome of his matches and giving proof to his love for the game.

Wagner’s drive to achieve is a motivating trait he credits to the influence of family and the inspiration of his dad.

“By his example of hard work everyday, my dad (Greg) has taught me the value and importance of perseverance in order to find success.”

There’s no question that attention to detail is a strength exhibited by Wagner, who ranks near the top of his class academically with a 4.3 GPA.

“I balance my time as a student athlete by getting all of my work done as soon as I can. Playing tennis and success in school coincide with teaching time management and hard work.”

After graduating four seniors last year, the Roughers have rebuilt the tennis ladder with youth, energy and ability. Czaruk has already learned the importance of combining individual talents into team unity.

“I think as a team, we are very close and definitely enjoy winning together. The memories from the overnight tournaments are priceless.”

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