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BROOKLYN LEE: FOLLOWING THE TRADITION-sponsored by Neighbors Building Neighborhoods

With older sisters Bria and Braylea having both cheered, Brooklyn Lee knew early on that she wanted to be a cheerleader.

“I started cheering when I was in first grade and then got into dance a little later. In sixth and seventh grade, I did competitive cheer and dance, but it was a lot,” said Brooklyn. “I was probably spending 15 hours a week in practice going to cheer and then leaving and going to dance practice until 10 or 11 at night sometimes and it just got to be too much, so I decided just to focus on school cheer.”

While she enjoys many things about cheer, there’s one aspect that’s really important to Brooklyn.

“I really enjoy the relationships I’ve formed over the years,” said the senior who is also involved in leadership and the Oklahoma Honor Society.

That involvement in leadership has helped her be a senior leader for the cheer squad while displaying good character as well.

“I think a good leader is someone who makes sure everyone is involved in the decision making and that the younger ones are listened to and their opinions valued. Good character is also important, and I think that is displayed by someone who is compassionate and sensitive to others’ emotions.”

AS she thinks back on her four years of being a member of the MHS cheer team, Brooklyn focuses on a competition a couple of years ago.

“The highlight for me was probably when we went to the Game Day competition my sophomore year. It was hours of practice and I felt it was the closest team experience I’ve had and even though we didn’t win, I felt like all the work we put in really meant something.”

Her coach Kadie Stinson speaks glowingly about her senior squad member.

“Brooklyn is a talented athlete that works hard to promote unity on the team, is always available and willing to get any task done and always has a good attitude.”

Brooklyn will hangup the pom-poms after this year to attend OSU where she plans to major in interior design and business.

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