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Muskogee’s Jack Richardson Ready for Academic Bowl – Presented by Michael’s Jewelry

Jack Richardson is a senior at Muskogee High School and is enjoying his last semester as a student at MHS. He has played tenor saxophone, for six years, in the Rougher Marching Band. Jack is a member of the academic bowl team and this year serving as second co-captain. Jack said he enjoys learning about English and literature.

“I like to learn about English and literature, but more specifically the rules and nuances of grammar and writing styles. My least favorite subject is probably history because it never clicked with me as well as other subjects.”

This year he is taking Calc BC and is enjoying the challenge. 

“I have to give my respects to Mr. Burge for his wonderful work as the calculus teacher and sponsor for the academic team,” Richardson said.  

Being a fan of great literary works, Jack said his favorite quote is from a Patrick Rothfuss novel.

“A long stretch of road will teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet introspection.”

Because he can relate personally to the difficulties, Jack is interested in helping people with career counseling. He says, “I know that I’ve always had trouble envisioning a place for myself in the workforce, so I’d like to help others that have the same hesitance.”  

Jack said if he could spend a day with an historical person, it would be a caveman and he would teach him how to use silverware.

Over the summer, you could find him working as a technician in his mom’s optometry office, preparing the patient for their appointment. Outside of school, he enjoys reading and hanging out with his friends. A favorite book he read in 2021 was “The Name of the Wind.” Jack added, “I’d like to thank my friends for making this whole high school thing a little more bearable.” Being the oldest in the friend’s group, his nickname is Mr. Burns.

Jack’s advice to the underclassmen?

“Remember to stop and smell the roses. You don’t have to treat every little assignment so seriously. That isn’t to say that you should be totally at ease but remember to give yourself mental breaks when you need them.”

This 2022 senior is looking forward to the end of his high school days and is eager to start the next chapter in his life.

“I’m going to try to enjoy these last few months of high school as much as I can, and then I’ll have to adapt and come to love the life I’ll lead after that.” 

He is interested in attending The University of Oklahoma or Tulsa University studying within the math and science department.

“Maybe engineering would be up my alley. I am still not quite sure what I want to do yet, so I am open to many things.”

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