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Muskogee’s Dakota Sherrer – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Evans Chiropractic

Muskogee Wrestling’s Dakota Sherrer has been named a VYPE Unsung Hero for the 2021/2022 season.

“Dakota is one of our team captains this year. Dakota’s life has turned a complete 180 over the past 18 months. He leads our team every day and organizes team workouts on the weekends. Dakota picks teammates up and takes them home from practices. He has developed into a leader in the classroom as well, helping out his brothers wherever needed,” said coach Chetan Munsell – Muskogee varsity wrestling coach.

VYPE caught up with Sherrer to learn more about what makes this wrestler click.

VYPE: Dakota, what do you love most about your team and teammates?

Sherrer: What I love most about my team and teammates is we are our brothers’ keepers and help motivate each other every day to be better than yesterday. 

VYPE: Do you have a favorite subject in school, and do you have a favorite teacher?

Sherrer: I would say my favorite subject in school is English and my favorite teacher is Coach Perry.

VYPE: Who has been a big influence in your life, on or off the mat?

Sherrer: I feel that coach Munsell has been the biggest influence in my life because he has helped me become a better person on and off the mat and he is always pushing you to do better. 

VYPE: What does it mean to you to be called the unsung hero of this team?

Sherrer: It makes me feel proud of myself and how far I have come. I’ve had a lot of things I’ve had to overcome to get where I am now, and it makes me want to work harder than anyone else. 

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