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Muskogee’s Jaye Barnoski – Economy Pharmacy Athlete of the Month

FAMILY…it’s a word often heard chanted as teams break from an infield huddle ready to get the game started. For Jaye Barnoski, a freshman at Muskogee High School, softball and family are one.

After getting her first experience on the ball field at age three as a member of the Diamondbacks, Barnoski acknowledges a family influence for her success.

“I have no idea how many hours I’ve spent practicing in my backyard with my dad,” said the Roughers shortstop with a grin. “We call it Backyard Bum Academy.”

Wearing jersey number nine is a thank you of sorts to her dad while Jaye credits the advice of her mom for helping to create her self-confidence.

“One play doesn’t define who you are as an athlete is something Mom has always stressed to me,” replied Barnoski. “When I make an error or I’m not having the best game, her encouragement helps me to remember there’s always the next play and next game.”

Defining herself as responsible and determined, Barnoski fuels her efforts with a sense of commitment.

“Everything I do begins with my passion to succeed. If I didn’t have my passion, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Passion is one of the traits that makes Barnoski an integral part of the Rougher softball program, according to her coach.

“Jaye is an amazing athlete, teammate and person. Her skill set is way above her age,” confirmed Muskogee coach Mark Dicus. “I’m definitely glad she plays for the Roughers.”

The desire to win every way, everyday is another example of Jaye’s motivation as she aspires to follow in the footsteps of another family member.

“My favorite athlete is my cousin, Hayleigh Galvan who is the first person in my family to play softball at the D-I level at Fresno State,” said Barnoski with a nod of the head in affirmation. “She’s proved that you can achieve your college dream IF you are willing to work hard.”

Which explains why the Roughers freshman welcomes the slowpitch softball season to work on her talents.

“The toughest thing about playing shortstop is improving your range to get to the ball. Slowpitch gives me more opportunities on defense that will carryover to fastpitch.”

When you add together all of the traits of Jaye Barnoski, it’s a crystal-clear definition of Character Counts.

“Character is someone who works hard to have a winning personality and focuses on how to make others better,” said Barnoski. “Character is important because I need to stay humble, be accountable and have self discipline.”

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